These luxurious embroidered altar ministry cloths are perfect for the delicate and sacred moments at the altar.  Featuring a machine-washable and wrinkle resistant fabric, these altar cloths are durable, opaque and are wide enough to provide adequate coverage for those at the altar for prayer, healing and deliverance. 


You may customize your altar cloths with the name of your ministry, church or organization. Altar cloths are sold in one set featuring four generous, elegant altar cloths. 

Altar Ministry Cloths (Set of 4)

Select the Color Thread for Your Monogram
  • Altar cloths are handcrafted and customizable with the name or initials of your church or ministry. Altar cloths are meant to provide modesty for individuals coming to the altar for prayer, healing and deliverance.  

  • Altar cloths are made to order. Unfortunately, because of the customization, our items are non-refundable. Please ensure that the spelling and accuracy of names for monograms are correct prior to purchase.